Watch AAJ TAK Channel Live Streaming for FREE

Aaj Tak is one of the leading News Channel in India and among worldwide Indian audience. No doubt that this channel has gained popularity because it’s one of those channels which had started a 24 hour broadcast. If you on a vacation of living outside of the country then it’s quite possible that you won’t be able to watch AAJ TAK there.

Thanx to the Internet and online streaming, now you can your favourite aaj-tak channel anytime any where. This special broadcast is brought to you by FmTvINDIA TV Software .


What to do to watch Aaj-Tak Live Streaming?

Nothing much. Just download FmTvINDIA Toolbar and start watching Aaj-Tak along with other TV channels.

Is Watching Aaj-Tak on FmTvIndia is Free?

Yes, It’s 100% free. Although, watching all other channels on it is 100% free. We at FmTvIndia maintaining this free software from past 5 years and had over 6 lakhs downloads world wide. People from all over the world send us suggestions and we are happy to implement it according to their need.

Where else Can I watch Aaj-Tak?

Although aaj-tak is being broadcasted on FmTvINDIA but for some reason if you don’t like to download it (although we highly recommend it) then we welcome your decision and provide you the alternative to watch Aaj-Tak online here.

What if This Online Channel Goes Offline?

That’s where FmTvINDIA software comes into play. In spite of having all your favorite channel at one place we bring stability with multiple streaming sources. Although Aaj-Tak is being broadcasted but that goes down too. And if you are living outside india then watching it officially is not possible because of licensing issues. But on our FmTvINDIA that’s not the case. In spite of having officialy broadcast into he list, we bring some unofficial broadcast too to bring stability into your viewing.

How to Report If it’s down?

You can report that if live streaming of your favorite channel like aaj-tak is not being broadcasted. Simply write us with our dedicated contact form and we forward that to our team to correct the error.

Download FmTvINDIA (sudeep333.exe)

Download YouTube videos with FmTvINDIA

Many of our users were asking to download videos from YouTube. Now its possible with FmTvINDIA Toolbar.

You can download any YouTube video with FmTvINDIA Toolbar.

The downloaded video will be in .mp4 format and you can use VLC player to watch that.


The video must be on and not on other site.

Its like this:

Open and search for the desired video.

Once you reach that particular video then click on “DOWNLOAD” button the toolbar (refer the image) .

The video will start downloading, close that page and let the video download.

The video will be on .mp4 format, you can use VLC player to watch that on your PC.

Contact FmTvINDIA Team

Our active team entertain every e-mail sent to us. Our users are sharing their thoughts about FmTvINDIA Toolbar, They suggest new feature that help us to improve it. We always welcome new thoughts and suggestions. Also if any link is broken then you can contact us.

Contacting FmTvINDIA is so simple.


Have any idea? Contact us.

Send FmTvINDIA Toolbar to your friends

The real power of FmTvINDIA Toolbar is its users. Its not just because they are using it but they are referring it to their friends and family. Many sites are sharing it and talking about FmTvINDIA Toolbar. With keeping that in mind the FmTvINDIA Team has added a module to the FmTvINDIA Toolbar which will help you to send it to all your friends in just a single click.

Now send FmTvINDIA Toolbar with a single click to all your friends and contacts.

send fmtvindia to your friends

An e-mail will be sent to all your contacts along with your message.

Just select your email service provider like gmail, rediff, yahoo etc….

Enter your UserName and Password.

It will fetch all the contacts and give you the option to select or unselect any desired contact. Click in Send Invite and thats all. All your contacts will be invited to download the FmTvINDIA Toolbar.

If you like FmTvINDIA then help us to spread it to the world.